Artist’s Statement

“From the earliest history of mankind the concept of “bridge” has been a fundamental part of our mobility. Be it a fallen tree across a stream, or the modern engineering marvels of our age, the basic concept remains unchanged. Bridges are how we efficiently span spaces that would otherwise be difficult to cross.

Historically we have invented all manner of bridge engineering and architecture. Among the most impressive is the new Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge that crosses the Potomac just south of Washington, DC.

Locally, the new spans are meant to ease the daily flow of commuter traffic, while still allowing a working river. In the larger sense they will provide a vital artery for Interstate 95 that starts at the Hampton Roads and the great Ports of Virginia, travels through the new Springfield Interchange and across the Potomac into Maryland. Taken together, this infrastructure enables us to move, not just people, but goods and material on a massive scale to the rest of the nation and take what we make to the rest of the world.

Visually, the Wilson Bridge is actually far more than an engineered bridge structure. I believe it is a work of art. It is, at once, a utilitarian bridge, a memorial, a new landmark, and a sculpture of unprecedented scale. In its construction phases the bridge offers an extraordinary palette of vivid colors and holds remarkable beauty, both in its grandeur, but especially in its details.

I have endeavored to capture the real character of the bridge and hope that all who see my efforts will see the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge in new ways.”

Janos Enyedi, 2006 
excerpted from Work Boat, brochure.

New Bascules – Woodrow Wilson Bridge, 2006

Digital Print 1 of 3, only available one printed & signed by Janos Enyedi

H. 39” x W. 73”

Jezebel, (Bridge Builder IV), Woodrow Wilson Bridge, 2006

Digital Watercolor by Janos Enyedi

H. 39” x W. 73”

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The Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project Series is featured in this exhibit catalog.

Art Catalog Cover for The Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project


The Potomac River crossing of Interstate 95, south of Washington, DC, at Alexandria, VA

Images by Janos Enyedi